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Pediatric Dentistry

When To Visit

Most pediatric dentists agree parents should begin children’s and baby dental care before the eruption of the first tooth, usually around the age of 1. An early and positive first visit to the dentist gives your child an opportunity to experience the dentist without fear. The dentist will be able to examine your child’s teeth, jaws, bite, gums, and oral tissues, and might even show your child how to properly brush their teeth. We will ensure your child feels welcome, safe, and comfortable. We will derive a baseline that can be used to monitor your child’s future dental growth and development.

How Often To Visit

Just like you see us every six months, we recommend you bring your child every six months. Imagine how friendly early visits to the dentist will affect your child’s long-term view of dentistry. A bi-annual visit to the dentist becomes “no big deal” and no cause for anxiety or stress.

What Parents Can Do To Help

The first visit is not only important for the child, but also for you. Prepare yourself for the first visit, particularly if you feel worried or anxious. Children can pick up on that. You need to stay calm and be supportive. Let the dentist know about any particular health or behavioral issues he or she needs to be aware of.

Be attentive when the dentist demonstrates how to care for your child’s teeth. Be an example for good oral hygiene:

·         Brush and floss

·         Use soft bristle brushes

·         Ensure your family diet is teeth-friendly

·         Limit your intake of sugary sodas and snacks

·         Visit the dentist regularly

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