Pediatric Dentistry

Gentleness Is The Key to Your Child’s Success at the Dentist. We Want to See Your One-Year-Old at Our Office in Phoenixville, Pa.

Most dentists agree, parents should begin baby dental care even before the eruption of the first tooth. When the first tooth appears, usually around the age of 1, it’s time to see the dentist. An early visit to the dentist gives your baby an advantage in developing good oral hygiene habits. Our gentle, child-friendly dental team will make sure pediatric visits are as calm and easy as possible, being sensitive to the temperament of your child.

By taking your child to the dentist at an early age, you allow him or her and the dentist to develop a trusting relationship while the dentist examines teeth, jaws, bite, gums and oral tissues. The dentist then has a baseline on which to monitor oral growth and development and the child feels safe with a new adult. Problems can be caught and addressed early before they become major issues.

Just like you see us every six months, we recommend you bring your child every six months. Imagine how friendly early visits to the dentist will affect your child’s long-term view of a dental visit. Dental reimagined – a bi-annual visit to the dentist becomes no big deal and no cause for anxiety or stress.

The first visit is not only important to the child, but also to the parents. Prepare yourself for the first visit, particularly if you have anxiety about going to the dentist. Children can pick up on stress. You need to stay calm and be supportive. You  will want to let the dentist know about any health or behavioral issues.

Also be attentive when the dentist demonstrates how to care for your child’s teeth. Be an example for good oral hygiene:

·         Brush and floss

·         Use soft bristle brushes

·         Ensure your family diet is teeth-friendly

·         Limit your intake of sugary sodas and snacks

·         Visit the dentist regularly

We invite you to schedule your child’s next appointment at Phoenixville Dental located at 833 Valley Forge Road, Phoenixville, Pa, 19460 by calling us at (610) 933-3717. Give your child a positive visit to the dentist for the first visit, reducing the likelihood of fear in the future.

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